Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kathryn and Tom

This blog post I am doing late at night and last minute, so that Kathyrn and Tom have some images over the holiday. Their wedding was November 13th. Their ceremony was at Valley Presbyterian, and reception was at Scottsdale Plaza Resort. Nice small intimate wedding, they actually got to mingle with each guest at the reception. I would tell more of a story, but it is now Thanksgiving (after midnight) and my eyes are getting dry and tired (monitors do that after hours on end.)

Congratulations Kathryn and Tom! I will be finishing up in the next week or so on the many hundreds of other images.

Ashley and Matthew

This wedding was back on November 12th at Vistancia. I got so into this wedding that I forgot to watch my footing and took a bad step from the golf greens to the sidewalk-- crash! Matthew and Ashley were so sweet and concerned. First, camera gear was okay (except for a flash cord). Busted up my knee and palm though. I timed it well though, right after formals and during a 10 minute break until reception entrance. I now know to not shoot and walk at the same time! I guess after 18 years, I was bound to fall once.

Ashley and Matthew were both so great to work with-- timeline was well planned out too. So we didn't have rushing and they could really take time to enjoy the day instead of hurrying.

Sorry about my clumsiness you two! And congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Perez!

Right after this shot is where I fell...ooops!