Sunday, October 14, 2012

Amy & Aaron

Destination, Flagstaff!  Amy & Aaron had there wedding ceremony and reception up at Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff.  And what perfect timing!!!  The autumn leaves were yellow, orange, and red which made the perfect backdrops for the day!  Of course, that was their plan, to have it when the colors were breathtaking.  Amy looked fabulous; her makeup artist, Pearl Espinoza, was a pleasure to work with and she had Amy looking just perfect!  The flowers were gorgeous, the cake delicious, the weather stupendous, and the dance floor a blast.
Elizabeth, my second shooter, and I, had a great little trip up north.  They wore us out so much, that we went to our hotel room right after the wedding and fell asleep right away.  It was that fun of a day!  Congratulations to Aaron and Amy!

 Aaron's eyes kept watering as Amy was walking down the aisle.

 Part of her vows were to promise to support him and his sports teams; score!
 (Above) Amy's jaw dropped when he put the ring on.  She was expecting her engagement band.  He surprised her with a wedding band.
  Mazel Tov!
 The entire family, now joined as one big family!