Saturday, July 26, 2008

Attention all SENIORS!

I have always done Senior Portraits, but have never marketed them before. Well, now I am looking for High School Seniors to shoot! Here is the information about my Unique Senior Portraits.

If you know any Seniors, please send them the link to my blog-- thank you!

For those Seniors that want to earn their sitting and package, I do have an embassador program where they can earn their shoot at no cost to them. Call or email me for details. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jaime and Adam in mountainous paradise!

This is a wedding that I shot for my friend, Megan Robbins. Megan broke her leg, and I gladly worked this one for her. It was a beautiful day, along with a beautiful bride and beautiful surroundings. These are just a few of the images that caught my attention. The Circle Bar Ranch is about 20 minutes or so north of Fountain Hills. It is a great location for a wedding--my second time there The owners are currently looking to sell the property-- hopefully to someone who will keep it as a ceremony and reception site for long to come!
Megan is about healed up now, as this was a few months ago. She is an amazing shooter and artist, and it was an honor to fill in for her. I just hope I made her proud-- I tried to shoot as creatively as she does every wedding!
Congratulations to Jaime and Adam, by the way!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am going to be an Auntie!

My mother just spilled the beans that my sister-in-law, Kendra, is pregnant and due in January! I am so excited. Will is my only brother, so this will be my first niece or nephew from my side of the family. I can't believe they ran off on vacation and didn't tell me. I love good news of new babies! Will and Kendra (photo to the left) have been married just over a year now. Will I need to by pink, blue, or both? Only time will tell!

Not to mention, we do have a niece and nephew from my husband's side. Lisa and Mike made us Aunt and Uncle with Michael (almost 2) and Malayna (4).

While you were sleeping...

(click to enlarge image)

I took some great lightning photos during the storm. It was challenging because I couldn't use my metal tripod to be safe, so I used the top of a chair and the top of a trash can. Keeping dry (at least the camera) was another challenge (shooting while holding an umbrella, at 3am). For those interested in shooting lightning or as to how I did this, I photographed usually all manual settings. First I used ISO 5o (yes 50!) so that the city lights didn't interfere so much with my exposure. Then I shot at F10 for aperature and my shutter was set at 30 seconds. I would wait for lighting, then cover my lens to not let any more light in after the lighting. It was fun out there tonight, though I think I will need a nap tomorrow!

So happy storms to you all!

(click to enlarge image)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Updates to my web page...

Since it is so hot and things have slowed down, I finally made time to add some pages and sections to my website.

I added a Commercial section (under the Portfolio page) to show some of my work done for other businesses. The first ones on that page are of Crave (a private Chef's company). Those were very colorful and artistic, and somewhat editorial as Rich made his creations. Some others show shoots that I did for a jeweler/veil designer, some foot fashion, and of course some of my favorite shots from Vincent's (on Camelback). Two of the shots of Vincent and his pizza oven were in the Scottsdale Republic last Friday (and I got a nice photo credit for that too!)

I also added one of my custom guestbooks which are so popular at weddings with all the crowds.

Lastly, I added a section for showing fully designed albums. I design from scratch for my clients. I was able to get 4 very different albums up for viewing.

So when you get a chance, please go check out all this new stuff at my website,

I hope to post some new photos soon-- from the fireworks at Lake Pleasant on the 3rd. Sitting in the lake watching is the only way to enjoy in the heat. We had a blast!

Take care all of you!