Friday, July 20, 2012

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"Aside from Tracy being a phenomenal photographer, she's so awesome to deal wth. It's very important to like the person who will be photographing you for your event. Tracy is such a sweet heart, laid back, and a joy to be around. She comes overly prepared for any situation, has a lot of great ideas and an eye for the greatest pictures. We absolutely enjoyed our time with her as well as her work. We look forward to seeing her in November for our trash the dress shoot in Colorado."   
Adele Dahdal

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Mr. Liam

I recently photographed a new baby boy.  Newborn photos are so magical and special.  Liam was a wiggle worm and he was awake and alert the whole 2.5 hours.  He was adorable and just looked around, content.  Don't let the one 'sleeping' pic in the collage fool you-- he closed his eyes for a moment and just for that photo.   Liam was challenging, but an adorable doll to work with. Congratulations to Star and Tim; you have a beautiful son! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

La boda de Sherri & Mike!

 "Do you travel to Rocky Point for weddings?"  Heck yeah!  There is nothing like a beach wedding.  They are harder because of the lack of shade and hustling with sand under your feet-- but there is no place I would rather work.

Sherri and Mike contacted me back in May about their June 24th Rocky Point (a.k.a. Puerto Penasco) wedding.  Of course I told them about TTD (Trash the Dress) where you shoot a day or two after the wedding literally on the beach (laying down) and IN the surf.  So at the end of this wedding, you will see that shoot after the reception photos.  This was a small group of like 17 people.  But they made up for the quantity with their spirit!  Fun resort, the Mayan Palace is on the east side of Rocky Point.  I stayed next door at the Luna Blanca which was a great bunch of huge condos.  Anyways, here is the day as seen through my eyes.  The TTD session was the next day right before sunset.  If you haven't been to Rocky Point, I highly suggest it-- we go once or twice every year and always want to go back for more.

The beaches are so clean, beautiful sand, tons of shells, and luke warm ocean water!  You can get in and out without shivering!

 The two young girls are the brides daughters...
 I had fun playing with their rings.  Her ring was AMAZING!
 I think I have a couple of these left from the trip.  They had the pesos on a dresser and the idea came immediately.
 Sherri had two girlfriends come to the wedding, one talented in hair and the other in makeup. 
 Does she not look fabulous here?  We were in the kitchenette and the window light was hitting her perfectly from her right side.
 Sherri and her 3 daughters.
 It was soooo hot in this location (a portion of the lobby) due to huge windows.  But Sherri was a trooper so that I could get this shot. 
 This is the cooridoor to the hallways for their rooms.  'Fisheye' was calling to me!
 Mike and his son.
 Her brother walking her down the aisle.
 2 of the daughters doing a flash mob routine.
 Sherri joining in to the flash mob.
 What a first dance with a sunset in the background!
 Their wedding day moon.
 In place of a guestbook, they had a ceramic plate for special messages from all the guests.
 Sherri's nephew gave a wedding gift of a song.
 Tequila shots, of course!
 They didn't know I had noticed them off to the side.  This is one of the most romantic shots because it is 100% real (not posed nor staged.)
 No need for comments on all the rest of the images.  They are the TTD images from the day after the wedding.  If anyone has their dress and wants to wear it again and go to the ocean (or anywhere fun), call me!  It is never too late to have a fun shoot with THE dress.
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