Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stephanie & Billy tie the knot!

I use to post 20 to 30 images per wedding on my blog. This one is about 53 shots, and the last one was 50. I must really be having a great time more than ever with this autumn's weddings! Tons of favorites and fun!

Stephanie and Billy were married on October 22nd. Everything took place at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Phoenix. This group was ready to party long before the ceremony began! Read the little stories by some of the photos to hear about the day. Congratulations to Stephanie and Billy!

I love wedding heels, and these were HOT!

Stephanie has amazing eyes, doesn't she?

Had to make use of those stylin' red heels...

Love it when the sun is at the right place at the right time! Of course, me crouching down for a good angle helps.

Our hair stylist/make up artist, Kim Macchiaroli of KLM Artistry suggested this shot. And it turned out beautifully.

The lovely Kylie, our bride's daughter.

During the ceremony, Billy our groom was suppose to repeat after our minister. But when the minister said 'gold ring' referring to the ring Billy is giving to Stephanie, Billy sassily said 'platinum ring' with a huge grin. And the audience was cracking up!

Billy and Stephanie with their children, Alexander and Kylie.

The girls were so ready for the reception. I swear I did not ask them to do this! They were chanting a song and getting ready to party!

Billy and his sisters were doing some cool moves for their photo together!

Love this blue wall! Want one in my backyard! I guess this hotel isn't too far away from me...

Kim (of KLM Artistry) was keeping little Alexander busy for us. And he helped powder dad's nose!

My favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids, were in abundance on the candy buffet table!

The best man's toast, I mean roast, was great!

The maid of honor did a great job of making the room bust up with laughter. Only a close close friend can call you a cougar in front of a huge group of people!

Ok, I have absolutely no recollection of this photo-- I didn't know I got this until I started editing the photos. I promise, no bride's were hurt in the making of this photo! They obviously having fun with trying to get frosting on one another!