Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sedona, Trash The Dress!

This blog post is going to be HUGE! This is because we had two brides, two grooms, plus 3 bouquets to shoot, all in beautiful Sedona. Sara & Chris were my bride and groom from November 20th (on my blog with Thank and You on their underwear, if you recall). They wanted to do a TTD in Sedona. We invited their friends (also newlyweds from May) Katelynn & Ryan to join us, and also my friend and fellow wedding photographer, Mary Sandy. Rita of Rita's Floral Designs not only made a bouquet for each bride for me, but made a third for variety. Thanks again Rita-- appreciate your talents!

First we met up at the brides and grooms' hotel room to get ready. We began at Tlaquepaque, where we were told we needed a permit but were allowed to stay and shoot for a couple hours. Next we went to a spot by the creek, by a trout farm. After shooting by the creek, we were about to leave when the owner of the property called me over. Thinking I was in trouble, I went reluctantly over to him. Dan introduced himself and told us about the back end of his property where there is amazing landscaping, trees, water, and cabins. He said we could shoot there all we wanted. Then we headed to Slide Rock Park. It was just closing-- bummers! But we found a scenic trail with red rock to rap up the day of shooting. Such a great day was ended by sushi and beers, the six of us. Thank you each one of you for a fabulous day and shoot! Heeerrrre we go...

This bouquet was gorgeous-- sat on my desk for a week after and smelled and looked great!

Cascading bouquets are making a comeback-- Rita rocked this one!

Laying at the feet of two brides...

Mary was having a field day! 8-)

This bouquet's color theme was my idea, and Rita put it into action.


Girls wanted to pretend to cat fight for the cameras... I do NOT make my brides fight, as a general rule. 8-)

Adding the guys made it even more dramatic, though they were all laughing away the whole time!

If you would like to do a Trash The Dress (TTD) session, call or email me. We only dirty the dress, and so far always cleanable at the dry cleaners. It is fun, artistic, and what else you going to do with the dress? Make it into art!

Rachel and Corey's engagement

When Rachel and I first met and were talking about a potential engagement shoot, she didn't think Corey would want to do one. So I had the idea to make it more fun-- to start out at a bar with some cocktails. We found out that the first bar we were considering didn't open up until 5pm, and we wanted to start at 4pm. This actually worked out in our favor because plan B was to begin at Bar Bianco (next to Pizzeria Bianco). This bar is small but full of character, and it is right next to Herritage Square Park and the Science Center (where we wanted to shoot.) Starting with a cocktail each relaxed them for the portraits. I think I have stumbled onto something here-- I am going to suggest this to others.

Had a great time chatting with and shooting Rachel and Corey. Their wedding this spring will be a pleasure as well!