Saturday, June 30, 2012


I love my job!

Emily and Rob

Emily and Rob live in Tucson, so that is where I traveled.  Their wedding was on June 16th, ceremony at the Westward Look Resort, and reception at their home.  When my apprentice and I arrived in Tucson, it was nice and sunny.  Then the clouds rolled in.  While we started with getting ready photos, it began to storm with wind and pouring rain.  For about 2 hours it rained.  And then cleared up for the ceremony on a patio outdoors-- we were lucky and so happy for it to stop in time!  Congratulations to Emily and Rob and family!

This dress and mirror were made for each other.
Emily and her sister put each rhinestone on the shoes.  So worth the time-- love the results!
 This was so cute!  Our flowergirl wouldn't drop much in petals but at the end of the aisle, she took a huge clump and dropped them all together.
 Our flowergirl (bride and groom's daughter) was trying to make dad eat some rose petals during the ceremony.  Hilarious!
Small but beautiful ceremony!
The bride and groom walk down the aisle, married, along with their two children.
During formal photos, they had an ice cream bar for their guests.
 This is one of a few of Emily and Rob's rainbows of the day.
 This is one of those cupcake trees where it tasted as good as it looked! I did wait until the end to try one; which was really hard to wait!
 Gee, what song was playing during this next shot?
Emily is TRYING to look innocent in the next shot...