Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding at Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts!

This was one of the most unusual and most fun weddings I have
ever been to. My best friend, Phaedra, got married to Ryan this
past Saturday. The setting was the Phoenix Annual Parade of
the Arts! The ceremony took place before the parade, on a stage
where the parade was starting and finishing from. It was colorful,
casual, and creative. Ryan helps put on the amazing parade, and
he and Phaedra thought what a better location than the parade they
both love to attend. Many friends helped put the wedding together,
for Ryan and Phaedra have a TON of friends each! They are both
very loved and everyone is glad that they are finally officially husband
and wife!

Following are images of Phaedra getting ready at the salon, some formals,
the ceremony, wedding reception, and the parade. The parade was like
the grand finale of the reception!

This is one of my favorite shots of the day, Phaedra under the hairdryer.

Phaedra and her children, Iain and Kaya.

This shot (below) is of Phaedra and myself. Best friends!

Amazing cake, made by Bianca, our maid of honor.

The stage was where the ceremony took place.

The wild wedding party (below).