Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amanda and Todd

Amanda and Todd are getting married May 8th at the amazing
Valley Ho Resort. We did their engagment photos a couple
weeks ago, but with the holidays I just didn't get them on
my blog 'til now. We had a great time shooting together;
it was very layed back, casual, yet fun. Amanda is the sister
of one of my brides from this past June. I look forward to working
with their family again!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nadia and Will

This shoot was just for fun! It was at a new venue in the northwest valley, called The Stonehouse. The bride and groom were my bride and groom from October 2nd, Nadia and Will. Their wedding was in Utica, New York. It rained on the second half of their wedding day (freezing, windy rain), so we didn't get to do any photographs of the two of them outside. So yesterday we had a reshoot day. Plus the venue needs some photos. We rented a tux for Will, and Nadia wore her original dress. Nadia also wore another dress for part of the shoot, just to have variety. We had Amy Mohr of Hair Designs by Amy do the hair styles for our bride. And Rita Vanek of Rita's Floral Designs provided the bouquet.

During our shoot, our bride (who is expecting) passed out on us! She gave us all quite the scare. But after resting for a while and having a bottle of water, she was much better. She wanted to finish the shoot, and so we did, cautiously. Nadia is quite a tough cookie-- most people would have wanted to go home to rest!

A big thank you to Helen Van Hemme, of The Stonehouse. Helen was so welcoming and accommodating. She went above and beyond with helping us with the shoot! Helen is the wedding expert of the valley! Thank you to Amy Mohr of Hair Designs by Amy for the beautiful hairstyles and the help throughout the shoot. And to Rita Vanek of Rita's Floral Designs for the gorgeous, stylish bouquet! You all made the shoot a big success!

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This next shot is my favorite from this shoot...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lauren and Tim

Lauren and Tim met at Corona Del Sol High School,
which is where we began their engagement shoot.
They are high school sweethearts!

Their wedding isn't until May of 2011, but they were excited
to do their engagement photos Thanksgiving weekend.
After we shot for a while at Corona Del Sol, we went to
Tempe Town Lake. They were so nice to hang
out with. We had a good time!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Market at Vincent's on Camelback

Yesterday I went to Vincent's on Camelback for their Saturday market. They have fabulous food, farmer's market, and many booths. It makes for a great way to spend your Saturday morning. The shopping is a blast! They have so much stuff to choose from, champagne, jewelry (much from over seas), handbags, honey, pastas, mustards, candles, soaps and tableclothes from France, jellies, spices, flowers, and much more! I love going there with my family to enjoy the market together.

Vincent's is at 40th St and Camelback, and are open from 9am to 1pm every Saturday from October thru April. I so recommend going and trying the carved ham, rack of lamb, huge roasted chickens (your choice for $10 , includes potatoes and grilled veggies). Or choose a pizza for $8, custom ordered and cooked in their outdoor pizza oven. Add a bottle of champagne, and you have a feast!

Here are some photos of the market--so much I can't blog it all!