Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today's Wedding...

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This afternoon I am shooting a wedding out at the Wright House in Mesa. The wedding of Danielle Hironimus and Matthew Vance. They say they are not real comfortable in front of the camera, but check out their amazing engagement photos-- they didn't know they had it in them! We had a great time back in January at the Scottsdale Civic Center. I am so looking forward to working with them and their families today. These images are actual pages from their custom guestbook.

Now I am off to clean and pack my gear so that I am all ready for this wonderful wedding day! An early congratulations to Danielle and Matthew!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If I can Custom Frame your memories for free, would you accept?

Of course, everyone likes the word free, and the only catch is to host a Custom Framing Party, and I do all the work! (Read on to find out how, why, where, etc.)

I have just signed on to be a Creative Memories consultant! I figure that since I am in the 'memories' business as a photographer, I should take it one step further and offer quality custom framing as well. I do have the ability to order any product that Creative Memories offers (scrap booking materials, digital software, albums, pre-made frames, and of course the custom framing.) If you are in need of any of these products, you can go to my new website and shop online, or you can contact me for personal help and ordering.

The best part of this Creative Memories addition to my business are the Custom Framing Parties. The Custom Framing Parties are parties that are all about socializing and a little bit about custom framing. The host provides the location (their home), and I provide the wine, cheese, supplies, and fun. All of the guests (6 to 8 friends) bring 2 or 3 favorite items that need framing. (The items can be a favorite large photo, poster, diploma, certificate, award, painting, needle point, etc.) Everyone at the party helps eachother select from tons of mats and frames to create a masterpiece with custom framing. I then place the orders with Creative Memories, and the artwork comes back ready to hang on the wall a few weeks later. Most of us are always looking for an excuse for a get-together, and here one is! The host receives complimentary custom framing, so their artwork costs little or nothing to frame. To become a host today and receive complimentary custom framing, call me today! Let's party! 602-369-5431 Tracy

*** SPECIAL for my past and future brides! ***
If you will host a party, I will supply your favorite image in a 12"x18" to have framed! And if your party has $250 or more in framing sales, your 12"x18" photo will get custom framed complimentary. You will actually receive your favorite photo custom framed at no cost to you-- all for hosting a party with your friends. Invite your bridesmaids, moms, friends, and have a great time! Contact me today to set the date for your Custom Framing Party. Remember, I bring the wine and cheese, all you do is invite your friends over! 602-369-5431 Tracy

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Must See Drama

As an artist, I try to see movies that are inspiring. I just finished watching 'The Kite Runner', and am filled with a feeling of artistic satisfaction. I happened to come across information about the movie a few weeks ago when looking for movies to rent. It just came out on DVD March 25th, and I had pre-order one for me. Had to wait until I had the right mind-set to watch a serious drama, and last night was the night.

This movie is the story of two young boys that have a bond of friendship. It is based in Afghanistan I had no idea that Afghanistan was a beaufitul country back in the seventies. The culture and colors are intriguing. This was before the Communists of Russia occupied Afghanistan, and long before the Taliban moved in. Amir and Hassan are wonderful characters, so different yet have much in common. Kite flying is the towns pass time, and the cinematography of kite flying contest is breathtaking. The camera angles were inspiring for a photographer, yet enjoyed by all. You will fall in love with the characters and the storyline. The plot will pleasantly surprise you. It contains true accounts of racism, family, and times of war. This is a quality movie made of a quality book. The book was in the top 5 back in 2005. The movie has had great reviews by many critics.

I do have to warn you though, there are a few violent seens involving children (which is why it is PG-13.) And there is a woman stoned to death in a public arena-- so this is only for those that can handle such scenes. But the violence is brief, and only to portray the true way of life in the mid east culture. It will make you truly greatful for the life that we live here in the U.S.

You won't need tissue, well I didn't, but I definately sighed and had to gulp a few times at serious moments. The end result will leave you feeling glad you watched it though--you will feel educated and fulfilled, yet not too gloomy. Rent or buy it today, and enjoy the tale of the two boys lives.

My Favorite Romantic Movies of All Time

My all time favorite romance movie would have to be 'Sweet Home Alabama'. The plot and the dialogue make my heart go 'oohh' every time I watch it. My daughter and I actually wore out the first DVD we had, and had to buy a second copy! The best line in the movie sums it up...the same line is used at the beginning of the movie and then at the end, just they change rolls of who says what. Both times though, the lines between Jake and Melanie are magical. "What would you want to be married to me for anyways?" and the response is "So I can kiss you any time I want!" It is a movie that ends the way the viewer wants it ultimate happy ending.

Next would be 'Maid in Manhatten'. I can't help but love Jennifer Lopez films-- her character is always sassy and yet someone that I would want as a friend. The best love line in this one is where Marisa is trying to admit to Chris who she is and starts "The first time I saw you..." He cuts her off and says "you were mesmerizing" and kisses her right there by the fountain. Norah Jones plays "Come Away With Me" which adds the perfect touch to the scene, along with a gentle rain as they go back to his room.

Third in my top three is 'An American President'. Annette Bening and Michael Douglas have many tender moments together, yet also many conflicts which makes the chemistry even more connected. Annette's eyes twinkle in this movie, and she is a feisty yet loving character. Michael Douglas is a great father, and the President-- need I say more? Both qualities are sexy.

All three movies have great cinematography throughout. The lighting during these key love scenes puts a sparkle in the actor and actress's eyes, that makes you feel the magic that they feel. Anytime a movie hits the mood lighting correctly to put that sparkle in the eyes, I am drawn to it. I am a sucker for the twinkle lights in their eyes!