Monday, May 28, 2012

Star & Tim's maternity session

This is my friend Tim and his wife, Star.  They are expecting a baby boy in early July; his name is Liam.  We went to historic Glendale area to do their maternity shoot a couple weeks ago.  It was hot and windy, yet I don't think you can tell in the photos... I have to say that Star is one of the more organized/prepared moms-to-be; she had all kinds of cute props and ideas.  It was a fun afternoon!  Congratulations to Star and Tim!

We stopped by Papa Ed's ice cream shop for some baby ice cream cones...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aubrie & Nathan

Aubrie & Nathan tied the knot on May 5, 2012 out at Val Vista Lakes.  Everything from getting ready, photos, ceremony, and reception were all in close vicinity to each other.  That helped when we started running a bit late.  But then we miraculously got caught up and things all ended up great.  All weddings run late here and there-- as long as you don't lose the sun before photos are done, you are o.k.  

Nathan and Aubrie did their engagement photos with me forever ago (well, September seems like a long time ago!)  Here is a link if you would like to see how their story began.  Val Vista Lakes was a great location as far as the photography aspects of the day (details, backgrounds, lighting.)  I think you can tell that me and my team had a great time at Aubrie and Nathan's wedding and the two of them were great to work with.  I hope you two enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed shooting and editing them!  Congratulations to Aubrie and Nathan!

The next two are right before their "First Moments" where they see each other for the first time that day, and the first time all dressed up.
 Nathan's first look as he is walking up the path towards Aubrie.
Love the first hugs-- they are so full of true heavy emotions!
My super fab and trendy wedding party...
 My apprentice, Andrew, took this one.  Love it-- totally shows how beautiful the lawn and day were!
Love this image (from up above) of the centerpiece and table that my apprentice, Andrew Leonard, took.  Still mad at him for going off to college-- this was last wedding for a long while with him assisting.
 I don't usually do this, but had to have the following shot... a lady on each side of the aisle each had their foot crossed and hanging into the aisle-way.  So I whispered to one to please move her foot in just a little, and did so with a huge smile hoping not to bother her too much.  She did gladly and I was able to get this beautiful view (a foot would have ruined it).  I was almost laying down for this one, that low to the ground.
This next one is probably my favorite.  It was during the ceremony and you could see the happiness on their faces, and the light was so beautifully softening the image.
The following jump shot is actually 3 different shots manipulated and merged into one.  There was always someone still on the ground after counting to 3, so I took the best of each person out of the 3 shots and Photoshopped them into 1 final image.  It is what I call a 'manufactured' image.  Now they are all up in the air together!